Energy consulting for cities, municipalities and regions

Energy consulting for cities, municipalities and regions includes a wide range of consulting services in the area of energy management, municipal energy management and regional energy planning.

img_KomunalniMunicipal energy management – i.e. energy management at the level of towns and municipalities – is an issue which is often neglected. There are currently two major trends: technically and morally obsolete sources of heat are coming to the end of their service lives, and new legislation which tightens environmental conditions for the operation of boiler plants and heat-generating plants is having an ever-growing impact. Both these trends are resulting in the need for a major reconstruction of corresponding heat sources, a process which involves, among other things, conceptual and strategic assessment of acceptable variants, technical-economic assessment, and price calculations of the sustainability of individual variants. This is a complex task which includes technical, economic, strategic and legal aspects.

Our services in the area of consulting for towns, municipalities and regions include, among others:

  • Conceptual consulting, regional energy concepts.
  • Assessment of existing contracts, tenders for the supply of power and natural gas.
  • Energy audits, assessments and certificates of the energy performance of buildings.
  • General consulting (power, heat and gas) in relation to legislative duties imposed on towns and municipalities by existing and future legislation.
  • Identification of administrative and technical measures focused on reducing energy costs.
  • Assessment of heat management status and concept solutions in municipal energy management and identification and assessment of technical solutions for the reconstruction of heat sources, including identification of opportunities for the installation of combined heat and power production units.
  • Evaluation of the opportunities to use grants.

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